Schluter Showers

Discover the Excellence of Schluter Systems at Floor Depot Plus

At Floor Depot Plus, we understand that the shower is often the focal point of a bathroom, and we're committed to helping our customers create stunning and functional spaces they'll love for years to come. That's why we exclusively use the Schluter System for all our custom-designed tile showers.

The Schluter System is a comprehensive set of products and solutions designed to ensure the durability, waterproofing, and integrity of tile installations. With its innovative technology and proven track record, the Schluter System offers unmatched performance and peace of mind for homeowners and contractors alike.


One of the key benefits of the Schluter System is its waterproofing capabilities. Traditional tile installations are vulnerable to water damage, leading to costly repairs and renovations down the line. With the Schluter System, however, water is effectively managed and directed away from the tile assembly, preventing leaks and mold growth and ensuring a long-lasting and durable shower enclosure.

In addition to its waterproofing properties, the Schluter System also offers superior tile edge protection and transition solutions. With a wide range of profiles and finishes to choose from, homeowners can achieve a seamless and professional-looking installation, with clean lines and minimal maintenance requirements.

We’re proud to offer our customers the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our team of experienced installers are trained and certified in the use of the Schluter System, ensuring that every custom-designed tile shower we install meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Whether you're renovating your bathroom or building a new home, you can trust Floor Depot Plus to deliver exceptional results with the Schluter System.


Visit us today to learn more about our custom-designed tile showers and start planning your dream bathroom renovation!

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